First Impressions: What Good Design Can Do for Your Business

Be it your logo, website or other marketing materials, design is a key factor in branding and marketing your small-scale company.

  • A well-designed website is essential to business marketing.
  • The logo and website of a company’s design should convey an image and create an impression that is memorable.
  • When developing websites, web designers must be aware of visual appeal, simple navigation, and SEO strategies for search engines.
  • The following article was written written for small business owners who wish to increase their website’s marketing capabilities.
  • First Impressions What Good Design Can Do for Your Business Your site’s design communicates prospective customers whether or not your company knows what it’s doing. It’s the reason the design of your website is crucial as a tool for marketing. It demonstrates the importance of putting time and money into the creation of a professional website so that it does not appear as if you’ve opted for one of the default themes or a simplistic design.

Why website design matters

According to an study of The Missouri University of Science and Technology eyeballs spend 2.6 seconds to concentrate on one particular aspect of a page as it is loading. The user quickly form an opinion on the basis of the content they’ve seen. Therefore, it’s important to shape this opinion through a clever design, according to Adriana Marin an independent graphic designer.

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What should you consider when creating a website

Based on the advice of experts we spoke with Here are a few aspects to think about when designing your website:


“People have [feelings] about your company based on the experiences that they have had with a brand,” Marin stated. “A well-designed logo and website can boost confidence as it appears professional. If a business is willing to work on creating a simple and practical design that is simple to use, that can be a clue to the experience that using their product could be similar to.”

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First impression

“Good design helps to communicate your message, pulls weight to cut through the marketing chatter, and arranges information most effectively for the precise market you’re trying to reach,” said Lilian Crooks Graphic design and communication specialist from Harcum College. “Effective design and messaging work in tandem to convey the value of your business legibly and, most importantly, memorably.”

SEO strategy

Ramon Khan, a freelance marketing consultant, said his opinion that Google makes a major campaign for Core Web Vitals. He also said that the business focuses on the intangible aspects of a website , for instance, how fast it loads, and how designed to be mobile-friendly – which all are a aspects of optimizing your website for search engines.

“The on-page content you’re utilizing and the keywords you want to rank for in SEO are significant factors to consider,” said Andrei Kurtuy, co-founder and CCO of Novoresume. “Prior to creating a website, conduct keyword research and organize your content such that each page caters to a single long-tail keyword.”


“When it comes to the design and aesthetic of a business, this is a prime example of the importance of first impressions,” said Annie Everill, digital marketing executive at Imaginaire. “Creating a strong, recognizable, and original brand identity is key in the success of a business – not only linking all your accounts together, but also forming a community feel for your team and audience. This brand identity can be present through a logo, website, layout, packaging, social media and graphics.”


Your landing page must set an example for the rest of your business and include crucial information. It should make it easy for the visitors to know what items or services your company offers.

“Figure out what the most important information is that you need users [or] customers to take away from that page, and make it extremely easy to find and understand,” said Christina Coviello, head of user research for experience for Noom Inc. “Then identify the most important action you’d need users to take on that page and make it prominent and easily accessible.”

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For instance, Coviello suggests adding a buy button on your homepage to trigger an take action. Whatever method of call-to-action you select, it should draw attention to the services or goods.

Visual appeal

You may have a compelling story to share, but nobody would want to read on your About Us page or explore your social media pages when you don’t instantly connect with your followers. What are the best ways to do this?

Cole Sletten, creative director at the digital marketing agency Ready Set Rocket, said powerful visuals can be the answer.

“An image can communicate even complex messages quickly, concisely and memorably,” the author stated. “It’s this same drive for fast consumption that has evolved the internet from its text-centric roots into an image- and increasingly video-centric [medium].”

Marin said that visually appealing images can distinguish your brand from other brands. The images you choose to use must be appropriate to your business and will engage the people you want to reach. If in doubt she advised keeping things simple and clear.

Crooks said the idea that “stock photography and illustration looks like stock photography and illustration.” To stay away from using the same images that another company uses, think about encouraging local artists and designers to develop unique, original designs.


“Monitoring your competitors’ websites can help you identify trending design strategies,” said Chelsea Cohen, co-founder of SoStocked. “An outdated website gives customers the impression that you either have an inactive online presence or aren’t interested in creating more convenient opportunities for them. Your competition will have insight into what attracts similar customers, especially if they’ve had a long-standing digital presence.”

Cohen pointed out that researching competitors isn’t exactly the same as taking advantage of their website’s structure and color schemes, however you can utilize these as a way to find out which elements work. The research of industry websites can help you to differentiate your website’s design.

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Usability and readability

The most important advice from experts on creating websites is that it should be easy to navigate. It is important not to give visitors – and perhaps future clients – too many choices.

“The fewer options you offer per page, the easier it will be for visitors to choose and convert into customers,” Cohen stated. “I recommend following the rule of three throughout your website. One element may be too few and lack enough detail to compel your reader to take action. But listing three elements at once is enough to create a balance and instill interest. Anything more risks overwhelming your audience and losing them altogether.”

Some examples of the rule of three according to Cohen Cohen, include reducing your bulleted lists, or creating an easier, three-tiered pricing system.

Mobile viewing

“Many users today browse the internet using their mobile phones,” stated Jeff Zhou, CEO of Fig Loans. “With a limited real estate view, you need to make sure that visitors can easily navigate throughout your sites and find the information that they’re looking for. Just like how it functions on a web browser, your website should also function well on mobile devices.” Learn the best ways to optimise your site in mobile-friendly devices. ]

Bottom line: Compelling, unique website design

If you’re trying to decide the style of your online image should be It’s crucial to keep it constant however, it shouldn’t be repeated.

“The best brands … feel more like real, multifaceted personalities than collections of graphical elements,” Sletten explained. “Think about the qualities that are unique to your business and that could attractively represent your brand. Then let those qualities drive your logo and website to your Instagram feed and even your storefront, packaging, and customer service.”

Jennifer Post and Nicole Fallon contributed to the writing and reporting for this piece. A few interviews with sources were conducted for a prior version of this piece.

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