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 Stock Market Simulators Can Help Investors Learn the Ropes. Here Are Some of the Best

With the continuous changes and the the intricate internal operations that make up trading on the financial market It’s not uncommon for novice investors to be overwhelmed. There’s an easy opportunity to gain some experience before investing with real money — using paper trading, which is also known as an online simulation of the stock market.

“I started out with a stock simulator when I was learning how to invest,” says Kevin Matthews II who was a former financial adviser and the co-author of “Starting Point: How to Build Wealth That Lasts.” “I began with $100,000, and I chose various stocks. After a while I could observe what I had done,” he says.

If you’re not sure of how to start as an investor, or you’d like to learn the basics prior to putting into your account Paper trading is an excellent way to build your confidence before you put your money down first penny.

Don’t get too involved in trading fictitious markets that you don’t begin investing in the real world. In the end, the most effective way to accumulate wealth through investing isn’t through particular techniques or instruments, but rather to invest in an diversified portfolio of index funds and let the time in the market job. What you need you need to know about index funds.

What Is Paper Trading?

Paper trading can be a method to mimic the return on the market for stocks without trading or buying investments in the real world. Some brokers allow demo accounts, according to Stacy Johnson, CPA, an ex-stockbroker who is now the presenter on the Money! podcast. They will provide you with an amount of money that you can test with, by placing “trades” on the platform and then observing how your choices would have done on the actual market.

“Paper trading lets you make choices and then follow the market performance of those choices to see how things play out,” Johnson states. “You can try out different strategies or even pick different companies and get an idea of how they might perform,” Johnson explains.

In another way, you can consider paper trading as the stock market’s equivalent of the fantasy football league. There is no real money into the portfolio and you don’t control the investments of your portfolio of paper trading However, you can visualize how the hypothetical portfolio will perform under real-world market conditions.

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Why Should You Practice Investing?

If you’re not certain that you’re prepared to make a move, or you’re not certain you’ve got enough information to make the right decision, trading on paper could give you some assurance prior to committing the money you earn, Matthews explains. You can also try out different strategies and concepts prior to the time before you invest real money.

“For me, trading on paper helped me understand the way things change and also how markets work. It helped me get an understanding of the stock market and the kind of returns I would get,” says Matthews.


While trading on paper is an excellent method to gain insight into the intricate details of the market for those who are interested It is essential to understand that you don’t have to attempt to time the market or choose certain stocks to begin investing in. The experts recommend that you purchase and hold an array consisting of mutual fund as well as Exchange-traded fund (ETFs), which are cost-effective, low-risk and allow you to invest in a variety of stocks at the same time.

Johnson believes that trading on paper will also assist you in getting familiar with investing platforms. When you purchase and sell stocks there is an element of learning. An account demo or stock simulation could aid in gaining knowledge of the process of looking for stocks and placing various kinds of orders.

If you’re ready to start investing, you’ll be aware of how the process works and you’ll feel more confident of your abilities to take the right decisions about your portfolio. The paper trading process can assist you to become comfortable with investing, and then eventually decide to take the plunge and begin investing with real money.

Pro Tip

When you’re ready for investing, you should consider an index fund that has an expense ratio that is low to begin with as you gain knowledge about specific stocks.

Drawbacks of Paper Trading

Although you may use paper trading to test the art of investing in stocks There are some risks to be aware of.

“You can learn a lot from paper trading, but it’s important to know that it’s not exactly the same as trading in real life,” Johnson states. “Sometimes you do well in the stock simulator, but in real life it doesn’t play out the way you expected,” Johnson explains.

In addition, many applications and trading platforms employ words such as “investing game” to advertise their services. Demo accounts for trading on paper and trading accounts may seem like a game and you could take greater risks than you’d otherwise, Johnson warns.

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“With a demo account, it feels like a game, and once you start using real money, it’s no longer a game,” Johnson states. “You are able to take chances and make poor decisions using a demo account, without having to suffer the consequences. You shouldn’t treat your real money in this manner,” he adds.

Another problem that comes with trading accounts on paper, Matthews points out, is that they’re not actually true. You may feel satisfied with how you’re doing in your stock simulator but you’re actually not making money or making money to invest in the future.

“If you do well in paper trading, it’s not your money,” Matthews declares. “You’re like, ‘I could have made this much money,’ but it wasn’t real, so you didn’t.”

Don’t be so involved in your false performance that you do not remember to invest in the real deal.

Best Paper Trading Platforms

A few brokers offer demo accounts and stock simulators , so you can test your investment before you make the leap to making money with your own funds. Here are the top paper trading platforms that can teach you the basics of trading without placing your funds on the line.


paperMoney is a product of the TD Ameritrade

A part in The Thinkorswim Platform and the suite of investing tools offered by TD Ameritrade, paperMoney can assist you in learning the best ways to search for the right stocks and trade. TD Ameritrade offers one of the most comprehensive investment platforms, and using their simulator for stocks to gain an understanding of how to pick stocks and trade is a great method to get familiar the advanced features of their platform. Once you’re ready to move into real-world shares, TD Ameritrade ranks among the top choices of NextAdvisor’s selections for the top stocks brokers online.

While TD Ameritrade offers most of the most popular investment classes The brokerage does not offer access to cryptocurrency or shares that are fractional in size.


E*TRADE offers trading on paper through their powerful E*TRADE platform that also includes additional tools designed for advanced investors. Anyone with an E*TRADE account enjoy access for free to these tools.

Alongside providing a demo account, E*TRADE also has a collection of pre-built portfolios to let experts help you get to where you want to be. For certain investors, it may make sense to begin with pre-built portfolios , and then test investing, then proceed to the more sophisticated platform as you gain confidence.


eToro provides an “virtual portfolio” that you can use to practice the fundamentals to investing in cryptocurrency. As of the moment, eToro is only available to trade cryptocurrency within the United States, although investors from other countries have had access to other investments that include stocks, forex and trading since 2007.

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Alongside providing access to more than 20 different cryptocurrency options, eToro also has a social trading option that lets users to study and emulate the trades of professionals in the field.

Contrary to the other platforms for trading on paper that are all linked with online brokerages offering real-time investing, this simulator is only designed for trading on paper.

You can test your luck by creating a virtual portfolio, or gain a basic understanding of investing with the help of the vast collection of education resources available on the site. You can also participate in contests and find out how your portfolio’s hypothetical performance compares to others who would like to invest. It’s crucial to remember that you’re not really investing, and in the end, you’ll need to switch to an investment brokerage and begin building an actual portfolio.

How to Start Investing for Real

Johnson suggests that investors who are new begin by investing in index fund as well as ETFs. Even if you utilize the stock simulator to come up with innovative ideas or to test out various strategies, you can begin by investing in index products in order to start building wealth, without having to find out more about selecting individual stocks.

“You don’t have to worry about picking the wrong stock or what happens if one company tanks when you use index funds or ETFs,” Johnson declares. “As you learn more about investing, you might be able to choose individual stocks and make a profit.”

This doesn’t mean that you must begin day trading, though. Once you have started investing in stocks that are individual, Johnson warns against frequent trading. Instead Johnson recommends studying the characteristics of a great long-term investment and identifying those that remain viable and yield growth over time.

Matthews suggests creating a schedule using your paper trading account and setting a date for converting to investing, like investing within a month or quarter. Matthews recommends not investing more than a quarter on an initial demo account prior to beginning to invest.

“As as you’ve got an adequate savings account and an reserve fund for emergencies start investing. It doesn’t matter if you possess 5 dollars or 100 dollars, put it into your money.” Matthews says. “Be constant with your investment. If you earn 10 dollars a week, begin with the ten dollars. Then , you can increase it according to your needs. Take that step however small you start, and continue to build upon it.”



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