Stress Management Key to Keeping Business (and Owner) Alive

Seek help and focus on the important things to help deal with stress.

  • Stress can be detrimental psychologically, mentally as well as physically, and failing to deal with it as a business leader could have negative consequences to your business.
  • It is possible to manage stress by ensuring you have a steady working-life balance and applying the most effective business techniques.
  • If you have stress management tools installed, your company will see lower sick days, greater productivity , and less turnover.

Stress Management Key to Keeping Business (and Owner) Alive

The article was written intended for small-scale business owners who want to manage the pressure of being an entrepreneur. The difficulties of running an enterprise aren’t just about attracting employees or satisfying customers. Sometimes, the challenges can be more personal and the outcome is typically stress.

The ability to manage stress can be as vital to the long-term success of your business as figuring out how to make profits. Failure to control stress can cause you to die according to studies that have shown.

But stress and ownership of a business have a lot in common. In the 2021 survey of small-business owners 52% of them said they felt stressed throughout the period of the year that’s an increase by 7 percent from 2020. Running a business in middle of a pandemic can add the pressure of the job already requiring lots of time, effort and effort. Many business owners claim they are struggling to find time to spend with their friends and family.

Find the perfect work-life balance

The art of balancing work and family life isn’t easy According to Rosalie Moscoe, founder of Health in Harmony, a company offering wellness and health advice in Toronto that assists workers in managing stress. The struggles that individuals face as entrepreneurs of small businesses are psychological physical, mental and financial.

“When you’re in your own business, there are many things to think about that you didn’t have to worry about before – making loan payments, spending your savings, no money coming in and all your money going out,” Moscoe said in Business News Daily.

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There’s nothing you can do to stop the causes of stress. It is likely that you will have to work more than you do as an owner and you’ll find yourself stressed and overwhelmed. If you’re only beginning, you might find that the process of starting your own company is very lonely. This can result in anxiety, Moscoe said.

Stress at work can be a risk.

Stress has a wider impact than your mental and emotional health. Work pressure can lead to weight increase and may cause health problems. Along with physical consequences stress can also affect the mental state of health particularly in women. A study was published in Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience it was found the fact that females are much more susceptible to depression as well as other mental disorders than men.

It’s just a glimpse of the effects of stress on an individual. There are many other dangers associated with job stress.

  • Fear: Owning and managing the business is accompanied by many uncertainties. Fear of the unknown when it comes to business, whether financial or managerial issues can cause anxiety and add to the anxiety.
  • Separation: Business owners tend to work in solitude when they are building their brand and manage clients, paperwork and other tasks. When you’re overwhelmed by the list of tasks it’s easy to separate yourself from other people and feel that you’re not seen even in the presence of employees.
  • Belief: Every business owner has strong and weak points. Lack of confidence in particular areas can cause people to put on a lot of effort in order to improve or master knowledge or skills or avoid failure. They may also justification for that they lack trust with other people. The fear of failure could disrupt a team’s process and its dynamic.
  • The term “burnout” is used to describe the stress that you experience. The best thing about it is to dedicate yourself to something and put in the effort at it. But, if you are working at a high level it could lead to exhaustion. It could be caused by being able to handle too many tasks all on your own, working for long hours, or trying to accomplish everything simultaneously.
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What is the term “stress management?

As per the Mayo Clinic, stress management includes the following:

  • Skills to learn such as solving problems and managing time
  • Strengthening your ability to deal with challenges
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Practicing relaxation techniques

These skills let you transform a stressful experience into an opportunity to grow and improve. When you learn to manage the stressors in your life, you will gain more control over your reactions and life.

The most important thing to do when it comes for managing your stress comes from maintaining the balance of your home and work regardless of whether you work for long hours. Moscoe offered these advice:

  • Make a plan as if you were working perform a regular job.
  • Make a plan for your day in the early morning.
  • Make sure you are clear about your top priorities and be focused on the ones which will help you grow your business.
  • Prioritize advertising your company and don’t waste your entire time on the administration.
  • Rethink your goals regularly Don’t let the things go by you.
  • Get help. Don’t try it on your own.
  • Establish a network of social support that includes family and friends.
  • Don’t compromise relationships to build your business.
  • Start your day early and take an early walk.
  • Eat well and not at your desk.
  • Get plenty of fluids.

Improved business management to reduce instances of stress at work

As important as making time for yourself is the ability to manage your business to create less stress.

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“Without organization and good management, the compressed time schedules associated with modern business can cause stress and make extraordinary demands on people,” according to research conducted by the Small Business Administration. “An effective management structure can reduce stress and channel the productive capacity of employees into business growth and profits.”

The ability to find employees who are able to share the responsibilities you have can go a long way in alleviating stress.

“The heroic single leader is no longer congruent with the burdening demands of today’s leadership,” stated J. Richard Hackman, who was a former professor of sociology and psychological psychology of Harvard University, in a study of shared leadership. Although the study was released at the end of 2009, it’s clear that the message concerning “today’s leadership” is more relevant than ever in this constantly-on business environment.

“The most important conditions for effective shared team leadership include a team that is a mature and reasonably bounded group,” said Hackman in his statement. “They must know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to identify who to go to for specific tasks. The second condition is being interdependent on one another for some specific shared purpose or goal.”

The benefits of improved stress management

Moscoe believes it’s crucial to think about the reason you began your business in the first instance.

“It’s the hardest job in the world,” she stated. “But if you’re in your own business, you’ll feel you have control over how you’re going to do it, and that’s the biggest factor in reducing stress.”

Stress management can benefit both you and your company. If your leadership isn’t modeling effective work-life balance and stress management your employees may be forced to be more susceptible to taking sick days and become less productive. As per the Wellness Council of America, the right stress management improves employee morale as well as lower sick days, less employee turnover, and an overall positive workplace culture.

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